New England Fun presents Finnegan’s Wake

Try to imagine the ballad “Finnegan’s Wake” transformed into the Irish version of “one of those Italian Weddings,” only in place of the nuptials, there’s a funeral. Then you’ve pretty much got the gist of the show playing every March in New England.

In 2016, we are proud to present performances at the John Carver in Plymouth on March and at the MIT Endicott House on Saturday, March 19th. 

Better prepare your eulogies now for Finnegan’s Wake. You may be called on to stand up and salute the dearly departed with a joke, a song or a dance. It’s an interactive dinner theater, so the audience is part of the act. And be prepared to hear some great music as well! This uproarious interactive comedy dinner show is just the thing to lift your spirits – and rest assured there will be plenty of spirits to go around.


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Wherever you choose to join the family (one of our public shows or at your own private or corporate function), you are in for a treat – it’s an opportunity to entertain and to be entertained! While seasoned actor/comedians host this evening of Celtic wit and merriment, you’ll also have a chance to help console the poor widow. Feel free to share a joke, a ballad or a tale. After all, this gathering is a celebration of life, not death.

You’ll laugh till you cry at Finnegan’s Wake, the most original and engaging of productions. It’s simply an unforgettable experience!